About us


We are a transnational company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. USA, with more than 10 years of experience in the implementation and development of turnkey projects, Industrial, Commercial and residential type, roofing and integral construction services.
We are fully committed to projects with high volume and high quality concepts of supply and customer service, resulting in constant satisfaction from our clients.
With the rapid development in Mexico, Total Solution Group initially opened its’ subsidiary in this country in 2014 to meet a variety of contracts with Korean companies in various projects directly or associated with the KIA assembly plant in Nuevo Leon.

Our Vision

Today, the company seeks to gain a foothold in the Mexican market by continually following its’ standards of quality and efficiency, offering services in roofing (Roofing Systems, Thermal Insulation, and Waterproofing Membrane) for which it has an International Certification Authorized Installer, synergizing work structures, civil works, supply and fitting of industrial equipment, and industrial maintenance among others.

We provide constant effort, responsibility, and commitment to a select group of professional staff and workers. We are committed to quality, safety, delivery time, and have the most advanced technologies for the design and implementation of its’ project technologies. We also have professional associates to provide an integral service in construction to our clients.

Let us show you that we can provide a TOTAL SOLUTION to your construction needs.

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